Indonesia Pt. I // Seek Adventure

Note: These photos & words are from the first week of my time here. Internet has finally picked up, allowing me to finally post as my time is ending here.
 photo indonesia1-27_zpsa5e40be0.jpg I'm in Indonesia. Writing these words is surreal. After months of preparation and over 24 hours in planes I am here on the other side of the world.

Currently, I'm sitting in my extra box springy bed, under my mosquito net, watching a little bug walk across my screen. My legs are on fire from the heat of my computer and once again, the single fan in my room is struggling to cool me down.
 photo indonesia1-26_zps44e43326.jpg
This country is incredible, for lack of better words. I am in a small village where motor vehicles are rare and air conditioning is almost nonexistent. I am living in the tiny town of Sukadana on the island of Borneo. This region, known as West Kalimantan, is thick in biodiversity.

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What am I doing here? Good question. I am working as a photographer for the non-governmental-organization ASRI (an Indonesian acronym roughly translating to Health and Nature). ASRI is split into two major areas: Healthcare & Conservation. This organization was attractive to me because it realizes the extreme necessity for these two fields to coexist in harmony. ASRI has a healthcare clinic, offering patients general and dental health. A short walk from the clinic is the conservation office, known as the bunkhouse. The conservation office is working on many projects, including organic farming, reforestation sites, forest monitoring programs, and environmental education for youth.

 photo indonesia1-24_zpsd043d7ac.jpg
This past week I adjusted. The journey here was long and strange. It took my body a good three days to feel normal again. Early to bed, early to rise is the way of life here and I love it. Although, I'm still working on keeping my body awake past 8 pm.

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My job here is so amazing because I'm able to witness every project. This past week I took photos at a women's organic farming meeting, the ASRI Kid's program, the clinic, one of the reforestation sites, and everything in between!
   photo indonesia1-21_zpsdea6f6ac.jpg photo indonesia1-20_zps9b47200e.jpg  photo indonesia1-19_zpsaad3d172.jpg  photo indonesia1-18_zps249625c6.jpg  photo indonesia1-17_zpsf9557a7b.jpg  photo indonesia1-16_zpsf1dd3f7f.jpg  photo indonesia1-12_zps23285926.jpg  photo indonesia1-11_zps3f1de6b2.jpg  photo indonesia1-6_zpsaf5dba09.jpg
This culture is incredible, check back for more posts of my time here.

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  1. Love this post Chelsea! So fun to follow your adventure :)