Seek Adventure // Indian Rock Quarry

 photo indianquarry1_zps45437f2a.jpgThis post could also be titled "Girls Weekend, Pt. II". A few weeks ago, when some of my closest girlfriends came into town, we decided to do a little hiking outside of Steamboat. We wanted to do a moderate hike somewhat close to town. Therefore, I opened Hiking the Boat (a fabulous hiking guide to Steamboat!) and found the Windy Ridge Indian Rocky Quarry. photo indianquarry1-2_zpsd9346214.jpg  photo indianquarry1-3_zpsa1b81571.jpg  photo indianquarry1-4_zps9d0f13a8.jpg  photo indianquarry1-5_zps02bd1ead.jpg  photo indianquarry1-6_zps89ce8cc9.jpg  photo indianquarry1-7_zpsd014c31b.jpg  photo indianquarry1-8_zps734d33d9.jpg  photo indianquarry1-9_zps9e977460.jpg The leaves were stunning as the wind would nudge them off their branches, sending them dancing throughout the air, filling us with endless entertainment as we tried to catch them. photo indianquarry1-10_zpse354380d.jpg  photo indianquarry1-11_zps55d5da17.jpg
We arrived at the top of the quarry to the greeting of a beautiful golden retriever and his female owner. Everyone quickly became friends and we soon discovered that the woman had just finished a solstice ceremony at the top of the quarry, a tradition she tries to complete each solstice.

The quarry is a very sacred place where the Native Americans (most likely the Utes) cultivated the rocks to create arrowheads. Nowhere else within a few hundred mile radius can rocks be found of this fine, sharp quality. Therefore, the quarry is extremely unique. Behind the ledge where we stand in this last photo you can see the tiny Rabbit Ears off in the distance. It was incredible to sit on the edge of this ledge, where a distinct corner pointed directly to a nearby peak. I am not a fan of heights but was filled with peace sitting on the edge of this ledge, looking out at the changing aspen groves.

We decided to hike down just as the clouds began rolling in. Wind energy surrounded us as we walked along the valley path, among sharp rocks that might once have been arrowheads. The four of us discussed the wind, it's Vata energy, and how we embody it. Personally, I find wind to be a nuisance and am very out of touch with air energy. My fire and earth qualities tend to shy away from air. How do you tune into elements you shy away from? This hike invited me to embrace and open myself up to the possibility of air/wind energy bringing positivity into my life.

Between Lenses 10 // Mornings

 photo BetweenLenses700x500_zps1c426413.png Last month I decided to hop on an amazing blog series called Between Lenses, hosted by Trina and Tara.  Their "goal for this collaboration is to capture and reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers." I was especially excited for this months theme, Mornings.

In my adult life I have come to discover that I am a morning person. Rather, I'm a person who loves the mornings.

The light trickling into the apartment.
The cool air that invites me to wrap myself in a blanket with a cup of tea.
The quiet entrance into a new day.
The ability to begin anew.
The feeling of abundant space.

A few of the reasons I dearly love mornings..... now onto my photograph!
 photo indianquarry1-2_zpse8eabee6.jpg
Every photographer knows that early light is one of the best to shoot in. One morning I walked out my apartment door to this: beautiful, elegant, soft light dancing on the side of a wall. It took me all of two seconds to march back into my apartment, grab my camera, and snap a few shots. The soft light and quiet of the mornings invites us to turn inward and pay attention. And I love it!

Seek Adventure // Dinosaur National Monument

 photo dinosaur1_zpsd511ab8b.jpg  photo dinosaur1-2_zps75a772a8.jpg  photo dinosaur1-3_zpse78a627b.jpg  photo dinosaur1-4_zps82f510fc.jpg  photo dinosaur1-5_zps35b4b4e5.jpg  photo dinosaur1-6_zpsc0019bfd.jpg  photo dinosaur1-7_zps4d824916.jpg  photo dinosaur1-8_zps4002ab62.jpg  photo unnamed5_zps8d8deba5.jpg photo unnamed7_zps3f500f80.jpg  photo unnamed4_zpsb24deb17.jpg photo unnamed6_zpsf0148b35.jpg  photo unnamed2_zps0c2bc2b3.jpg photo unnamed3_zps49bcc30c.jpg  photo unnamed_zps63bd15b7.jpg
A few weekends ago I went on a much anticipated adventure with some of my favorite girlfriends! These three ladies have been doing amazing things and living all over the place so it was a treat to spend some much needed time together. A few months back we began a Facebook group message with the intention to do a mini ladies getaway. 

Fast forward a few months and the intention manifested! Thursday evening the beauties arrived at my teeny apartment and we sipped on some vino while making a late dinner. We woke up on Friday, packed up our things, and headed to the Colorado - Utah border for a little backpacking trip.

Nestled in between the Colorado - Utah border is a hidden gem: Dinosaur National Monument. Unknown to what seems the rest of the world, Dinosaur is a mini Grand Canyon. As usual, the photographs speak for themselves. The last bit of photos are all from my iPhone, I have a bad habit of not taking my camera out of the pack while backpacking. Look closely at the second to last photo, do you see that magnificent petroglyph?!! So amazing!!! We also saw some fresh mountain lion tracks in the sand, scary!

Due to the fear of rain threatening to trap us inside of the canyon walls we decided to spend only one evening next to the Yampa River.

The next morning we packed up, drank some coffee, stopped by one of the old homesteads to explore, and eventually began the drive back to Steamboat. After unpacking we suited up and took a much needed dip in the Strawberry Hot Springs.

Stay tuned for Girls Weekend Part II! There will be lots of yellow aspen photos you will not want to miss ;)

Inspiration // The Bus Collective

 photo buscollective1_zpse34ea9d5.jpg  photo buscollective1-2_zpsa36fe780.jpg  photo buscollective1-3_zps318297f2.jpg  photo buscollective1-4_zps767aff44.jpg  photo buscollective1-5_zps59209899.jpg  photo buscollective1-6_zps5eb57003.jpg  photo buscollective1-11_zps4594af6a.jpg  photo buscollective1-7_zps763edf80.jpg  photo buscollective1-8_zpsd81d1fd5.jpg  photo buscollective1-9_zps6b100010.jpg  photo buscollective1-10_zps23c768d6.jpg

Post-graduate life is unsettling. You step into the world after graduating with a piece of paper stating your knowledge base is of a "higher education" status. For many people, like myself, you are left with complete freedom for the first time in your entire life. While freedom is exhilarating it can also be frightening, for the first time in your entire life you don't have a predestined platform to step onto.

I bring this up because I am continually amazed with my friends post-grad life decisions. 
For example, my friend Claire is a part of a crew who have created The Bus Collective. Simply put: The Bus Collective is a group of people who believe in low cost living and together decided to buy/revamp a school bus. In the next few weeks they will be taking off on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest. While traveling they hope to integrate and experience different communities.

I'm so grateful I was able to go down to Fort Collins to check out the bus. While construction was not complete when I took these photographs the bus was well on it's way to being finished.

And if you can't tell, the bus is parked on an amazing location, Hope Farm. Being an animal lover, I was in complete heaven!

Check out more on The Bus Collective here! I'm personally excited to follow along their Instagram as they hit the road.