so long 2014

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it's been a wild year.

i feel that i really came into my own this past year... i feel in love with my skin and the soul i house inside of it. i am by no means perfect, but most days i like it that way.

courage has been a mantra of mine throughout the past few years and i truly began to embody it this past year. i decided to take the leap and teach yoga full-time. i dove deep into my passion of photography, playing with the professional waters. i stepped onto a plane, by myself, that took me halfway across the world.

this year was wonderful and challenging. life threw me some curveballs, many i'm still dealing with. facing my shadow side has not been easy, but necessary.

a few intentions for 2015:
-start a self portrait photography project.
-paint again.
-take a pottery class.
-open an online photography shop.
-meditate daily.
-journal once a week.
-set up a fair-trade business for planet indonesia's weaving cooperative.
-begin the process towards going back to school to become an art therapist.

what are your intentions for this new year? dream big, manifest!

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