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Post-graduate life is unsettling. You step into the world after graduating with a piece of paper stating your knowledge base is of a "higher education" status. For many people, like myself, you are left with complete freedom for the first time in your entire life. While freedom is exhilarating it can also be frightening, for the first time in your entire life you don't have a predestined platform to step onto.

I bring this up because I am continually amazed with my friends post-grad life decisions. 
For example, my friend Claire is a part of a crew who have created The Bus Collective. Simply put: The Bus Collective is a group of people who believe in low cost living and together decided to buy/revamp a school bus. In the next few weeks they will be taking off on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest. While traveling they hope to integrate and experience different communities.

I'm so grateful I was able to go down to Fort Collins to check out the bus. While construction was not complete when I took these photographs the bus was well on it's way to being finished.

And if you can't tell, the bus is parked on an amazing location, Hope Farm. Being an animal lover, I was in complete heaven!

Check out more on The Bus Collective here! I'm personally excited to follow along their Instagram as they hit the road.

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