Seek Adventure // Indian Rock Quarry

 photo indianquarry1_zps45437f2a.jpgThis post could also be titled "Girls Weekend, Pt. II". A few weeks ago, when some of my closest girlfriends came into town, we decided to do a little hiking outside of Steamboat. We wanted to do a moderate hike somewhat close to town. Therefore, I opened Hiking the Boat (a fabulous hiking guide to Steamboat!) and found the Windy Ridge Indian Rocky Quarry. photo indianquarry1-2_zpsd9346214.jpg  photo indianquarry1-3_zpsa1b81571.jpg  photo indianquarry1-4_zps9d0f13a8.jpg  photo indianquarry1-5_zps02bd1ead.jpg  photo indianquarry1-6_zps89ce8cc9.jpg  photo indianquarry1-7_zpsd014c31b.jpg  photo indianquarry1-8_zps734d33d9.jpg  photo indianquarry1-9_zps9e977460.jpg The leaves were stunning as the wind would nudge them off their branches, sending them dancing throughout the air, filling us with endless entertainment as we tried to catch them. photo indianquarry1-10_zpse354380d.jpg  photo indianquarry1-11_zps55d5da17.jpg
We arrived at the top of the quarry to the greeting of a beautiful golden retriever and his female owner. Everyone quickly became friends and we soon discovered that the woman had just finished a solstice ceremony at the top of the quarry, a tradition she tries to complete each solstice.

The quarry is a very sacred place where the Native Americans (most likely the Utes) cultivated the rocks to create arrowheads. Nowhere else within a few hundred mile radius can rocks be found of this fine, sharp quality. Therefore, the quarry is extremely unique. Behind the ledge where we stand in this last photo you can see the tiny Rabbit Ears off in the distance. It was incredible to sit on the edge of this ledge, where a distinct corner pointed directly to a nearby peak. I am not a fan of heights but was filled with peace sitting on the edge of this ledge, looking out at the changing aspen groves.

We decided to hike down just as the clouds began rolling in. Wind energy surrounded us as we walked along the valley path, among sharp rocks that might once have been arrowheads. The four of us discussed the wind, it's Vata energy, and how we embody it. Personally, I find wind to be a nuisance and am very out of touch with air energy. My fire and earth qualities tend to shy away from air. How do you tune into elements you shy away from? This hike invited me to embrace and open myself up to the possibility of air/wind energy bringing positivity into my life.

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