Seek Adventure // Dinosaur National Monument

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A few weekends ago I went on a much anticipated adventure with some of my favorite girlfriends! These three ladies have been doing amazing things and living all over the place so it was a treat to spend some much needed time together. A few months back we began a Facebook group message with the intention to do a mini ladies getaway. 

Fast forward a few months and the intention manifested! Thursday evening the beauties arrived at my teeny apartment and we sipped on some vino while making a late dinner. We woke up on Friday, packed up our things, and headed to the Colorado - Utah border for a little backpacking trip.

Nestled in between the Colorado - Utah border is a hidden gem: Dinosaur National Monument. Unknown to what seems the rest of the world, Dinosaur is a mini Grand Canyon. As usual, the photographs speak for themselves. The last bit of photos are all from my iPhone, I have a bad habit of not taking my camera out of the pack while backpacking. Look closely at the second to last photo, do you see that magnificent petroglyph?!! So amazing!!! We also saw some fresh mountain lion tracks in the sand, scary!

Due to the fear of rain threatening to trap us inside of the canyon walls we decided to spend only one evening next to the Yampa River.

The next morning we packed up, drank some coffee, stopped by one of the old homesteads to explore, and eventually began the drive back to Steamboat. After unpacking we suited up and took a much needed dip in the Strawberry Hot Springs.

Stay tuned for Girls Weekend Part II! There will be lots of yellow aspen photos you will not want to miss ;)

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