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Summer is short here, but sweet indeed. The wildflowers are in full bloom and I have never experienced anything like them. This year happens to be the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. "The 1964 Wilderness Act defines "Wilderness" as areas where the earth and its communities of life are left unchanged by people, where the primary forces of nature are in control, and where people themselves are visitors who do not remain." Instead of giving you a history lesson or trying to convince you of the preciousness of wilderness I will allow these photographs to explain themselves.

These photos are from the Flat Tops Wilderness. One of the oldest wilderness areas in the U.S., we are lucky to live about 45 minutes from this sacred space. While our skin turned into wet patches of red and white due to the mosquitos and a thunderstorm, the flowers and full moon made the backpacking trip completely worth it. Not to mention, the incredible company.

You can use THIS website to see if there are any wilderness areas near you. Even if there is not, get outside and go to a park. Honor the space around you and the fact that it is separated. If you can, take a few moments to practice an easy meditation:
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and listen. Become an observer with your ears. Listen for a few more moments then narrow in on a sound. With your heart, offer up gratitude to that sensation.

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  1. What a beautiful blog you have! I really enjoy the natural combination of the great outdoors with meditation and reflection. So glad you found my blog so I could find yours! The Indian paintbrush is so beautiful isn't it!