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It's a slow, overcast morning here. I'm excited to share this Tuesday feature with you because it's been on my mind for quiet some time! I LOVE music. I joke with many people that I spend more time making the playlists for my yoga classes, rather than actually planning the class. While this is an ongoing joke, I do love to create playlists and share them. Music has so much power. It can take the mind and body to a very specific, special place.

This Tuesday is a bit of a cheat though.... not a mix, but a playlist of Trevor Hall's new albumn Chapter of the Forest. Perfect for slow, rainy mornings or any time of day really. If you come to any of my yoga classes this week you are sure to here the sweet words of Trevor Hall.

Oh yeah, and can we talk about the dreamy cover art work? Added bonus!

  listen via: spotify or 8tracks

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