Seek Adventure // Great Sand Dunes

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Great Sand Dunes National Park is located in a magical southern Colorado valley. The San Luis Valley is vast and surrounded by mighty mountains.

About two weeks ago Tobias & I decided to treat ourselves to a four day weekend so we could adventure on the dunes. We camped, explored Zapata Falls, and hiked the dunes barefoot twice. (note: hiking uphill in sand is quiet the calf & ankle work out!) I also learned that doing a handstand on a slope is almost near impossible and that homemade granola, peanut butter, and blueberries on a wheat tortilla is the best breakfast for camping.

After playing on the dunes we made our way to Joyful Journey Hot Springs, a sacred place surrounded by mountains. Thankfully, the day was rainy and perfect for floating in hot pools of water. After reviving ourselves in the mineral water we ventured into the tiny mountainside town of Creststone. This city is very special as it contains the Baca Grande, a sanctuary where numerous different religions and spiritual centers coexist together. I had been here once before, when I was a freshman in college, and it was exciting to revisit. Being in a place that brought up nostalgia allowed me to take a close look at my personal growth.

We spent the night camping at Crestfest, Creststone's little music festival. Paper Bird headlined and this was my first time experiencing their musical melodies. The next day we woke up, said goodbye to the valley, and drove towards Denver to see Railroad Earth at Red Rocks.

Reuniting with old friends, dancing under the half moon, and singing to the poetry of Railroad filled my heart to the brim with immense love.

Through this Railroad Earth
for whatever it's worth,
singin' songs and stain' high
And you know I'll be where my heart feels free
and my thoughts are free to fly
~Railroad Earth by Railroad Earth