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This week we took Eddie, the pug we're petsitting, for a few hikes and gave him tons of cuddles. I've realized pugs are indeed little aliens.

A photographer that I admire greatly suggested one of the best ways to advance in photography is through self portraiture. I've been playing with this a little bit lately. The other night the light was stunning as the sun was coming down over the balcony where I'm housesitting. (by the way... I am not a fan of petunias! She told me I could not over water them.... and I did) I've always shied away from self portraits because I think they can quickly become narcissistic. The "selfie" culture also disgusts me at time. Yet, self portraits were important throughout art history. All of the worlds greatest painters created self portraits as a way to fine tune their skills. I think that taking self portraits  has also helped me in cultivating self love. It is so easy for me to pick myself a part as soon as I look at the back of my DSLR screen. Rather than doing this I've been trying to practice compassion. Maybe I will start a series on this?

Tobias and I saw The Giver this week. We enjoyed it. I haven't read the book so I can't really judge, but I left the movie feeling empowered. It really gave me hope in humanity. Especially with the recent news going on in my hometown of St. Louis, MO.

In other news, there will be a post next week about that little waterfall up there, King Solomon Falls. This happened to be one of the craziest hikes of summer thus far and I've got to scraps to show for it. Stay tuned.

Happy weekend!!

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