Seek Adventure // King Solomon Falls

 photo 20140810-Steamboat-36_zpse6c4a5e8.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-49_zps27435e01.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-51_zps1c48537a.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-61_zpsc895d2ab.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-72_zpsd0c4049a.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-74_zps6ac23515.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-76_zpsbcacb797.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-77_zps33b69567.jpg  photo 20140810-Steamboat-80_zps332d0c82.jpg

Eddie's face in this last photo perfectly describes how he felt about this hike.

We left without a map or trustworthy directions. Our destination: King Solomon Falls, a hidden gem outside of Steamboat. About 30 minutes into our drive I realized I was wearing my birkenstocks, with no hiking boots in sight.

But when we finished this adventurous hike, which involved passing Eddie off after climbing numerous rock faces, we were greeted with a beautiful waterfall. The only other people in sight were a couple celebrating their 6th anniversary. A typical Steamboat couple, they began friendly conversation easily.

While this hike was not for the faint of heart, it was indeed an adventure and I would recommend it to  anyone willing to venture outside of their comfort zone!


  1. How did you access the falls? Which road do you park on to hike in? Looks beautiful! Cant wait to explore it.