seek adventure // mt. zirkel wilderness

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After trekking up to Gilpin Lake we relieved our sweaty shoulders of the heavy packs they carried to the crystal clear alpine lake which laid beneath jagged, rocky peaks. Tiny bits of snow still clung to their survival between the shadows of the rock crevices. With little thought, we both changed into our swimsuits and dove into the perfectly chilled water. Gratitude filled my entire being as I swam and thought back to yesterday, the day where rain and a wildfire threatened our venture into the wild. Yet, the Zirkel Circle was naturally protected from the wildfire and the rain decided to stay away for our hike up.

We filled the rest of the day with laughter, yoga, hammock time, and reading. Not one single care in the world. Droplets of water fell from the sky for a quick visit as we cooked dinner on our backcountry stove. That night I fell asleep to the sound of Tobias putting out a small fire.

Here are some raw pieces from my journal that weekend:
-Rain drops on our tent, tap dancing above our heads.
-Daddy long legs waltz into our home to join the party.
-Head becoming light due to loss of oxygen, eyeballs feel like floating feathers after filling up the pad to put our bums on.
-When you wake up in the wilderness and the only sound you hear is the sweet whisper of silence in your ear.
-Watching him in his meditation: the breeze brushes against his golden locks as he balances life on a single boulder.

Nature is healing. Healing is nature.
P.S. Chia seeds, on avocado, on whole grain bread = YUMMIE!


  1. Hey Chelsea! I nominated your blog for a liebster award - check out my latest post ( :) Don't feel like you have to participate - I just wanted you to know your blog is admired!

    1. This is so lovely of you Julie!! Thank you dear!

  2. not only are your photos beautiful but your writing is too. It really paints the perfect picture of your trip!

    1. Thank you Shy! :) I am not the best writer but am hoping to grow through public posting on this blog space.