Weekly Review

 photo 20140729-Steamboat-67_zps66843ac7.jpg  photo 20140730-Steamboat-54_zps79ea275e.jpg  photo 20140730-Steamboat-70_zps247d5666.jpg  photo 20140727-Steamboat-6_zpsb45e5f25.jpg  photo 20140727-Steamboat-4_zpsab22d048.jpg  photo 20140727-Steamboat-3_zps2cc6ed7e.jpg  photo 20140727-Steamboat-2_zps2a1ba5c3.jpg  photo 20140727-Steamboat-13_zps028d267e.jpg  photo 20140803-Steamboat-12_zps1b0a3f35.jpg  photo NighttimeGlow_zps77780d5d.jpg  photo MeampCrystal_zpsc8898cf2.jpg  photo 20140730-Steamboat-207_zps3102169e.jpg Little bits and pieces from this past week:

-Sneak peek of some photos from our little trip last weekend. The Great Sand Dunes are stunning.
-Pinecones that desperately want to be hung in our apartment.
-My plants just look happier now that I've jazzed up their pots a bit.
-I've started an herb drying wall in our kitchen, hoping to make my own teas for fall!
-Ok, yes, I deserve a lil love kick for mentioning fall....
-After visiting our friends in Denver last weekend I was inspired to make some AMAZING, easy, healthy, vietnamese spring rolls.
-Lately I've been playing around with long night exposures. Tobias & I had some fun with this around our campfire.
-Speaking of night photography.. happy full moon! (well, tomorrow)
-Mmmmmmm crystals. Quartz was the crystal of the week for me.

I'm eagerly awaiting the visit of some dear friends. Two of my college girlfriends will arrive this afternoon and then one of my best friends from high school is coming into town tomorrow! While I love the seclusion & isolation of living in a tiny mountain town it most defiantly makes visits less frequent and all that much more appreciated. 

Have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. hey there! i've awarded you the liebster award! if you'd like to participate, you can check out my latest post on what it means to be awarded, and how to pass on the award. :)