The Hat.

 photo 20140818-Steamboat-81_zpsd176e3bf.jpg  photo 20140818-Steamboat-113_zpsc62ce000.jpg  photo 20140818-Steamboat-103_zps2f3abe97.jpg  photo 20140818-Steamboat-125_zpsbd20b3a9.jpg  photo 20140818-Steamboat-131_zps9fc16fef.jpg  photo 20140818-Steamboat-141_zps4b168f91.jpg  photo 20140818-Steamboat-143_zps050120cc.jpg

The hat that can turn a shitty week upside down.
The hat that you put a little sage into while road tripping.
The hat that makes you feel somewhat OK about taking self portraits with a pug. (thank goodness for fenced in backyards!)

It seems that every summer I end up with a new hat. This one is pretty perfect for living in a mountain town, where the weather is currently 54 degrees (yup, buh bye summer!) I am also the laziest person in the world when it comes to my hair... so this hat is perfect when the frizzies just won't settle down.

I won't lie, this hat has not made everything better this week. Does anyone know whats going on with astrology? I feel like we're in retrograde. So many crazy events. It is funny how the universe always give us what we need, not what we want. I was faced with several situations this week that challenged me to practice what I preach. There were lots of healing tears and realigning moments with my higher self.

Have a beautiful weekend! I'm shooting my first wedding tomorrow and couldn't be more excited! Eeeep!

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