Tuesday Tunes

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No good excuse this time, Tuesday Tunes on a Wednesday again. Whoops! I really love making playlists for my yoga classes. While you do not need music to practice I truly love it. Music has so much emotion and enhances my ability to feel into the asanas (poses). Expect many more yoga playlists, as it is one of my favorite ways to prepare for my classes.

So here you have a playlist for an hour long class. I try to make my yoga playlists feel like a bell curve (yes, you can feel a bell curve?): smooth beginnings, energetic middles, and slow endings. Enjoy! xo


  1. I do my yoga at home now after a few years of going to classes. Since I switched jobs I am at work so long that after I kinda just want to be in my own space not fighting traffic to get to a yoga studio and back (counter-productive!) I am always on the lookout for a fresh new playlist to follow along to so thank you for this! Spotify wont let Canadians use it but I groovesharked these and made my playlist. Couldn't find the DJ Drez songs though :(

    1. oh no shy!! I'll make the playlist on another platform that works for you. i'm so sorry I didn't realize spottily didn't work for Canadians, thats silly. Does 8tracks work for you?

      happy to hear you do yoga at home!! I'm hoping to make some yoga videos on the future... they are on the ever-growing to-do list :)