Between Lenses // Silence

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I am so excited about this blog post! While reading Shy's beautiful blog a few weeks ago I stumbled across this blog hop. This photography challenge is hosted by Trina and Tara, and I am so grateful for their creative birthing of this collaboration. I feel that participating in these challenges will be a good way for me to harness my creativity. It also makes me a little nostalgic, reminding me of photography assignments in college.

This month's challenge was to capture silence. Below is my interpretation and explanation.
   photo 20140727-Steamboat-2_zpsaaba2c94.jpg
Silence, it's a tricky word to capture. In my mind, a shallow depth of field directly correlates with silence. There is so much space and unknown within that place. I took this photo one morning while watering my plants. Mornings are sacred to me. One of the reasons being that they are filled with silence. Watering this lavender plant is a morning ritual I associate with my slow, soft, silent filled mornings.

My life has been filled with silence lately, maybe too much. Living alone has led to this lack of noise. It seems to be eating at me, aiding in my loneliness. Maybe it's just this week. I'm trying to look towards the silence as a teacher: reminding me to breathe and respond, rather than react to life.

If you feel inspired, join in the monthly challenge. It's a beautiful way to cultivate creativity and discover new blogs!

P.S. TGIF!! Have a gorgeous weekend. I'm hoping to get outside and shed off some shit that seems to be sticking to me from this past week.


  1. well done, chelsea! that is a fantastic interpretation. you hit the nail on the head about a shallow depth of field - the space, unfocused and undefined leaves so much room for silence, thought, understanding. beautiful.

  2. Wow, Chelsea. This is incredibly beautiful. I really admire your way of thinking, too -- how silence has, for so long, seemed as a negative thing but really... it's beautiful, it's therapeutic and like you said -- it's your teacher reminding you to breathe and just be mindful.

    I can't tell you how much this has inspired me!

  3. So beautiful...
    Thank you for sharing. I can relate to an over abundance of silence! Thinking of it as a lesson is a good approach, I will try to remember that :)