Weekly Review

 photo 20140911-Steamboat-2_zps739adc88.jpg  photo 20140911-Steamboat-5_zps75dfe853.jpg  photo 20140911-Steamboat-7_zpsc09f8b52.jpg  photo 20140911-Steamboat-9_zps4b05e7ee.jpg  photo 20140912-Steamboat-3_zps3df79ef7.jpg  photo 20140912-Steamboat-7_zpscbc7bf97.jpg  photo 20140912-Steamboat-11_zpsd1fbb8c4.jpg  photo 20140912-Steamboat-13_zps3bb9633d.jpg  photo 20140912-Steamboat-16_zps426b5634.jpg  photo 20140915-Steamboat-4_zps952629b9.jpg  photo 20140915-Steamboat-5_zpseb7f2f4d.jpg  photo 20140915-Steamboat-11_zpsaca77fd2.jpg  photo 20140915-Steamboat-15_zpsc9502c02.jpg  photo 20140915-Steamboat-22_zps72b984a3.jpg  photo 20140916-Steamboat_zps57bf22eb.jpgThe weather has been DIVINE lately (high of 82 today, unreal fall mountain weather!) resulting in lots of outdoor time and photographs.

Last week Tobias came into town with one of his coworkers and we all spent Saturday at Pearl Lake State Park. It was very laid-back due to recovering illnesses. We spent a significant amount of time in the hammock. I think I have had my life's greatest naps in that double nest hammock. Hammock cuddles are the best.

On Sunday we decided to hike to an old uranium mine by Fish Creek Falls (an uber tourist site of Steamboat). It was the perfect short hike. While the uranium mine was anti-climatic it was so nice to be outside and the elevation gain gave way to stunning views. I also took a moment to attempt a selfie... a difficult task with the current lenses on my DSLR.

I've been trying to bike as much as possible this week. The last few photos are from a visit to the Botanical Garden. While many of the flowers are beginning to die the baby trees are doing so well. Aren't they adorable?! The core bike path here is beaming with yellow leaves and I love it! The fall equinox is this upcoming Tuesday, get ready people! I'm excited to weave the equinox into my upcoming yoga classes.

Have a beautiful weekend! 
P.S. Did I mention I depart for Indonesia in LESS THAN A MONTH!

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