Seek Adventure / Pingree Park

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Sorry for the horrible iPhone zoom quality on this last photo BUT it's a moose!!

This past weekend I went to visit Tobias in Pingree Park where he is teaching environmental education. Pingree is a part of Colorado State University (where we both graduated) and it piggyback's Rocky Mountain National Park, along with multiple wilderness areas.  If you can't tell from these photos, it is beautiful. On Saturday we hiked for 7/8 hours and only saw 3 other people the entire time. We decided to hike to Mummy Pass and summit "the mummy". In the 4th photo, with the sign of RMNP, you can see the mummy's head. There is no clear trail so we scrambled up the scree field, watching our every move.

Although it has been lonely living in our apartment without Tobias I am so proud of him and happy that he has this amazing opportunity. It's amazing how much environmental exposure these children are receiving and I know it is inspiring them to love mama earth.

P.S. How cute is his cabin?!


  1. Love love LOVE the photos!! We will be there this Saturday!

  2. Holy cow, these pictures are stunning.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

    PS. his cabin is cute!