Fall Equinox

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Happy fall! (to residents of the northern hemisphere) Happy equinox to all!

I love equinox's and solstice's. Markings of time, transition, and change. Today represents balance between the light and dark hours of the day. While it is always a little sad to watch the days shorten it a wake up call. It's as if mother nature is saying "Hey, you! Look at your soul. Yeah, stop getting distracted by the sunshine and start spending some time getting to know yourself."

Nobody says it better than MysticMamma:
"Light and Dark, Life and Death, these are natural states in the continuum of all of Life. We cannot disconnect one from the other, and we can not deny that both are part of the whole of experience. We must see the beauty in both, the beauty in pain, the beauty in the struggle, the beauty in darkness of the night as well as the beauty in the light of day and the birth of the new emerging."
Click here to read more from MysticMamma.

More fall photos to come, this week might be a little bare on the blog as life seems to be moving quiet fast. Two weeks until I leave for some time at home then Indonesia! Ah!

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  1. i love the colors in the photos, saturated and rich like golden autumn days. this time of year speaks to me more than any other. maybe because october is my birth month and i am a libra, so i am constantly seeking balance, like that of light and dark. happy fall!