Photo Inspiration // Rebecca Litchfield

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I found Rebecca's work through Instagram the other day and decided to take a deeper look. Aren't these photographs stunning? One of the reasons her work resonated with me is because of my fascination with abandoned places, they contain so much history and mystery. While I was studying for my BFA I spent a lot of time photographing abandoned sites. In the grand spectrum of things, Colorado is a relatively young place. Another reason why the deep history portrayed in Litchfiekd's photographs is of interest to me. There is also a sense of rebellion that fills the soul when you step onto an abandoned property that has a clear sign saying "Private Property, Do Not Enter". The lighting in Litchfield's photos is always soft and illuminates in the perfect places. Rebecca has traveled extensively throughout Europe photographing abandoned sites. Check out her webpage here to see more of her stunning work!

And, although this is extremely vulnerable for me, I've decided to post some of my attempts at documenting abandoned places..... Oh how I miss printing film!! (all photos shot with medium-large format cameras)

 photo ChelseaNegative0001_zps5ecd157d.jpg  photo ChelseaNegative0002_zpsfd9eab78.jpg  photo diptic1_zps34febe97.jpg  photo diptic2-2finalpuppy_zps1a818866.jpg  photo chelsea1_zps92f9968c.jpg