hey, September!

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My life lately: the last august hike, the latest read, yummy kitchen meals (yahoo for peach season! & carrot bread made from garden carrots!), harvesting lavender and other herbs right now in hopes of making winter teas, macro lens play, editing this gorgeous wedding.

Hello September, I kind of love you. You bring about change and remind me to be thankful for the sunshine. You are the month that 4 of my soul sisters were born (yup, my mom and three girlfriends were all born in september!). You turn the aspens that gorgeous yellow.

This first week of September has been a little crazy. I'm experiencing time management issues with my freelance profession (ie. editing photographs and hustling to finish a book illustration deadline). BUT, I have made the intention to spend more of my time outside and with friends. Next month I go to Indonesia! So crazy. Therefore, I'm soaking in as much Steamboat loving as I possibly can. And holding onto those last tiny bits of summer. It is so short here. Another mighty lesson from the mountains: Appreciate the summer season, it is short, but sweet for certain.

Thanks for sticking around while things have been quiet on the blog, I'm getting back into the groove!

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